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New and advanced products in solar energy now make generating clean and efficient solar power a reality for homeowners. Add in generous rebates from CPS Energy, 30% federal tax credits, and lower manufacturers cost, there is no better time to invest in solar energy for your home or business. Photovoltaic (PV) Systems harness the sun’s energy by using solar cells to convert light into electricity. Since 2002 PV production has been doubling by an average of 48% every 2 years, making it the world’s fastest growing energy technology.

Hill Electric’s Solar Solutions makes the switch to solar energy easy by providing all of the resources required to meet our customer’s needs. After our initial consultation, our team will perform a complete system size and then custom design your new system based on your specific needs. After all of the preliminary site analysis is completed, our trained technicians will perform a quality installation of your PV system. Throughout the process we will be there to assist you in filing the proper paperwork for both the utility connection and tax incentives. After the installation and inspections are complete are 1 year warranty goes into effect which covers all installed products and components. As for the modules and inverters, they can carry up to a 25 year warranty respectively, depending on which manufacturer you choose.

If you are considering a solar Photovoltaic system for your home or business give us a call today to set up your free consultation. Join the millions of people who have already made the switch to a cleaner, more reliable form of energy and start saving on your electric bill today!

Hill Electric and Solar Solutions where Customer Service Matters!

For more information please visit our facebook page or solarsanantonio.org.

  1. Solar panels capture sunlight
    The conversion to solar power begins the moment sunlight reaches the panels. The sunlight creates a reaction in between the 2 layers of the panel creating static electricity which is then transferred into the inverter.
  2. Inverter converts the power
    It changes direct current (DC) electricity that's produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used to run your home.
  3. Power not used goes back into grid
    If you are not using more power than your solar panels are producing, the excess power created is then sold back to the utility company.
  4. Your monthly utility bill decreases
    Your system generates power usually during peak power usage (after 3pm), which means you will be receiving clean, renewable energy for a fraction of the price.
  5. Rest easy at night
    By choosing solar energy to power your home you are not only helping the environment, you are making one of the smartest investments when it comes to your home.

Current Local Rebates Available

CPS Energy creditsCPS Energy: CPS Energy Solar Initiative Rebate program is currently offering an incentive of $2.50 per AC watt based on expected performance of a system less than 25kW.


Federal Tax Credits on SolarFederal Tax Credit: Recently extended until 2016, a 30% tax credit has been issued for residential PV systems that meet fire and electrical codes.


gvec credits on solarGVEC: GVEC Solar Initiative Rebate program is currently offering an incentive of $2.00 a watt up to $8,000.00.